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5 ways to make your website more user-friendly

Visiting a website should be a pleasurable experience, not an exercise in frustration. Make sure your site isn't turning potential customers away by following these 5 simple guidelines for site optimization more

Battle of the Frameworks

It's easy to get stuck in rut with frameworks. So get working on a new one. Here's a comparison of six well-known CMS/Frameworks, selected by YOU. more

BC vs Wordpress

Michelle Dale compares BC to Wordpress more

Defeating Spam in BC

Nothing is more disheartening than visiting your blog, seeing you have over 1000 comments, then coming to the crushing realisation that you forgot to set up your moderation and spam control correctly and there is not one proper comment there. But help is at hand more

Does your website have a sign-up form?

The sign-up form is one of the most important marketing tools you will ever have. If your site isn't signing up new customers, your business will die. more

Is your website mobile-friendly?

More than 50% of all website visits are now made from a mobile device, and Google is penalising those sites that are not mobile-friendly.
It's time to make your site easier to access, get people to visit your site more often and get them to stay there. Make your website responsive. more

Seriously, you need to stop using Flash

Flash has being going through an agonizingly slow decline in the last few years, but unfortunately it refuses to go away completely. What about your site? Are there still bits of Flash on it that you haven't been able to let go of? It's time... more

The BC Page Editor

This is the first in a series of short tutorials on how to get around BC admin. One of the more common reasons to use BC admin is to edit web pages. BC's system is simple to use, but like all editors it has its quirks. This tutorial will help you avoid some common pitfalls when creating and editing pages in your website. more

Use SEO to increase your website traffic

SEO is difficult. Gone are the days when SEO was a race to see who could stay ahead of the latest Search Engine algorithm update. These days, Google's algorithms are constantly being updated, and they're a very closely guarded secret, so you aren't likely to be able to outsmart them. They do, however, have a set of guidelines, and if you stick to them you'll do pretty well. Read on to find out how. more